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Dear friends,

It is with great pride and pleasure that we invite you to Belgium and the beautiful city of Ghent for the fifth AMICE Congress!

In June 2016, Ghent will be the place to be for all European mutual and cooperative insurers: the place to gather with your peers to discuss business issues, to debate current affairs with European policymakers, to interact with experts, and also simply to enjoy the renowned Belgian hospitality during the social activities.

The 2016 Congress is being organised by the Belgian Association of Mutual and Cooperative insurers (VVOV/UAAM). Representatives of Belgian mutuals and cooperatives are working very hard to prepare the Congress. However, it will only be a success if many of you join us!

As President of AMICE and President of the hosting association, we are very pleased to invite our fellow mutual and cooperative insurers and those interested in our sector to Ghent. We are convinced that this Congress will be a great occasion to boost your mutual appetite and fitness!

We hope to see many of you in Ghent in June.

Hilde VermaillenHilde VernaillenBernard ThiryBernard Thiry
President of AMICEPresident of VVOV/UAAM

About AMICE (Association of Mutual and Cooperative Insurers in Europe)
AMICE is the voice of the mutual and cooperative insurance sector in Europe. The Brussels-based association advocates for appropriate and fair treatment of all mutual and cooperatives insurers in a European Single Market. It also encourages the creation and development of innovative solutions for the benefit of European citizens and society.

Mutual and cooperative insurance follows the principles of solidarity and sustainability and is characterised by customer-membership and a democratic governance. The mutual business model, with its focus on using surpluses for the benefit of its members, is the natural way to provide insurance.

In Europe, the close to 2,800 insurers united in the mutual and cooperative sector account for more than half of all insurance undertakings and for a market share of almost 30%. They provide cover for more than 200 million customers and employ more than 400,000 staff within the European Union.

About VVOV/UAAM (Belgian Association of Mutual and Cooperative insurers)
VVOV (Association of Belgian Mutual and Cooperative Insurers) was founded in 1971 and consists of 15 Belgian mutual and cooperative insurance companies. Its members show a significant degree of diversity. They range from major general insurance companies who work with both life and non-life insurance to very small niche market players specialising in a certain professional group (e.g. the medical sector) or cover for other kinds of risk (power plants, forestry, etc.).

Despite this great diversity, all VVOV members pursue the same objective, in particular the promotion of mutual and cooperative forms of insurance. The VVOV follows a three-pronged approach in order to achieve this common goal: to facilitate cooperation between its members in order to safeguard their rights and interests, to communicate the principles of mutual and cooperative insurance types more effectively and to explore the means for promoting them.

VVOV is a member of AMICE and ICMIF with the aim of achieving the same objectives at European and global level.

1 - 3 /06 2016 Ghent Belgium
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